St Andrews College Centennial Chapel





Completion date


The Memorial Chapel at St Andrew’s was damaged in the 2011 earthquake. Architectus won the design competition to replace the Chapel, which incorporates a memorial wall (constructed from bricks, salvaged materials and heritage items from the old chapel), a glazed wall facing the garden and a dramatic folded plate roof.

Our Brief

Marshall Day Acoustics provided initial advice to ensure that the volume and building form of the competition design was suitable to support the wide range of proposed uses.

We were then engaged to provide full acoustic consulting services on the project including the noise control of mechanical services, the sound insulation of the building envelope and the internal room acoustics of the Chapel.

The acoustics of the Chapel were designed to support a wide range of uses including Christian worship, Sunday services, public speaking, community events, choir and chamber music performance.

We worked closely with the architect as the design developed to ensure that the acoustic requirements were seamlessly integrated into the architecture.


The new Chapel is a beautiful space for worship, celebration, inspiration and gathering for the College and the community.

The Chapel has a moderately live acoustic to support worship, singing and music performance, with sufficient early reflections from the folded plate ceiling to support public speaking.

Noise from mechanical services plant and equipment has been controlled to suitably low levels, which is in line with the design objective.