Prima Pearl Tower Apartments





Completion date


Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant Southbank precinct on the banks of the famous Yarra River, the Prima Pearl tower is a shimmering architectural jewel in Melbourne’s skyline. Standing an impressive 256 m and made up of 72 floors, Prima Tower is the 5th tallest building in Australia and the 3rd tallest residential building in Australia.

Comprising an amazing 667 apartments, with a fully glazed facade, the building is home to a great number of people; larger than some small towns. And the Prima residents enjoy an impressive range of facilities including swimming pools, spas, lounges, bars, dining areas, cinema, virtual golf, sky lounge and more.

Marshall Day was directly involved throughout the design, construction and commissioning phases of the project over a 5 year period, completing in late 2014.

Acoustic Challenges

Acoustic challenges on the project included:

  • Efficient and effective glazing design to achieve internal noise targets that would protect against the high external noise from city traffic and trams
  • Acoustic separation of sensitive internal areas from noisy activity zones was a significant requirement, as was noise control of building services and reverberation control in the important guest amenities zones
  • Vibration isolation of swimming pools, spas, gymnasiums and high traffic leisure zones above the critically sensitive penthouse was also an important part of our work on the project.