Gullen Range Wind Farm


Gullen Range Wind Farm Pty Ltd


Southern Tablelands, NSW

Completion date


Gullen Range Wind Farm comprises 73 wind turbines.  It received planning approval in 2010 and construction was completed in late 2014.

Scope of Services

We prepared an initial planning application noise impact assessment for the original project developer, Epuron Pty Ltd.  This work included measurements of background noise and 17 locations around the proposed wind farm.

We were also selected for the noise commissioning campaign once the wind farm was constructed.  The noise commissioning campaign included measurements at the same 17 locations where measurements had been carried out for planning works along with subjective assessment of special audible characteristics and near field evaluation of turbine noise.


A common feature of wind farm noise commissioning projects is that measurements can be influenced by extraneous or residual noise.  This issue was investigated at Gullen Range Wind Farm using a number of methods, including measurements at intermediate locations, with monitoring equipment placed midway between the farm and dwellings.  In tandem with measurements at dwellings, the data from the intermediate locations assisted in identifying periods when noise levels at a dwelling were likely affected by extraneous noise. 

More information about using intermediate locations for wind farm noise measurements can be found here.