Shanxi Grand Theatre, China


Xi'an Qu Jiang Great Tang All Day Mall Cult


Xi'an, China

Completion date


On 29th October, 2017 the drama of Puccini’s Tosca resounded in the new Shanxi Grand Theatre.

Situated across the road from the Xi''an Concert Hall, with acoustics also by the Marshall Day design team, the Theatre merges modern interiors with external references to the splendours of the Tang Dynasty.

Our Scope

Marshall Day designed the room acoustics of the performance spaces in addition to the sound insulation and mechanical services noise control for the project, working in close collaboration with the Beijing based architects.

The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre seats an audience of 2,040 in two balcony levels and a split-level stalls area. Each seat feels intimately connected to the stage with a sound that provides an exceptional blend of fullness, envelopment and clarity. This quality is the result of early reflections from the wall and ceiling whose gently curved surfaces direct sound throughout the auditorium. The profiled walls were designed using algorithms to predict the diffusion of each surface then constructed using custom designed compressed bamboo panels.

A large open orchestra pit seats the musicians so that they all can clearly hear the ambience in the main auditorium.  This provides excellent conditions for a balanced orchestral sound, and maintains the acoustic freshness that gives voice to the enormous range of textures required to support great Opera.

The Small Theatre

The multipurpose Small Theatre has retractable seating for an audience of 480. It provides a flexible performance venue for a wide range of events from music recitals to black box theatre. The striking side wall diffusion panels determine the acoustic ambiance of the room and provide the acoustic intimacy for this space.