Christophe Delaire

Christophe Delaire

Christophe Delaire is CEO of Marshall Day Acoustics Pty Ltd in Australia and works in the Melbourne office, specialising in environmental and industrial noise assessments. He has over 18 years’ experience working in acoustics, graduating with a Master of Engineering (French equivalent) and joining Marshall Day Acoustics in 2002.

He has acquired wide-ranging experience across both environmental and industrial projects, particularly refining his skill set in environmental acoustics. For the past 15 years, Christophe has actively been involved in numerous wind farm developments in Australia, including most Victorian projects, including noise monitoring, sound power level testing and noise modelling.

Christophe has given evidence at many hearings (VCAT and Planning Panels Victoria) and is the author of several papers presented at International Wind Turbine Noise Conferences.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • MEng, Masters Degree in Engineering (French equivalent), Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Poitiers, France (2001)
  • Member of the Australian Acoustical Society


A REVIEW OF THE DRAFT NSW PLANNING GUIDELINES: WIND FARMS METHODS OF IDENTIFYING EXTRANEOUS NOISE DURING UNATTENDED NOISE MEASUREMENTS Comparison of Background Noise Levels Collected at the Portland Wind Energy Project WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region: conditional recommendation for wind turbine noise in the context of Australian regulations Research into a continuous wind farm noise monitoring system Review of post-construction noise compliance assessment conditions included in various wind farm planning permits in Victoria

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