Celebrating 30 years of success & a change in leadership at Marshall Day Acoustics Australia

Celebrating 30 years of success & a change in leadership at Marshall Day Acoustics Australia

July 2017 marked a significant milestone for Marshall Day Acoustics Australia. Not only did the company celebrate its 30th anniversary but it also announced the appointment of co-CEOs, Amanda Robinson and Christophe Delaire.

After decades of inspirational leadership by visionary Peter Fearnside, Marshall Day is ushering in a new era.

Peter’s decision to step aside from his role as CEO comes at a time when he believes the company needs to change and diversify, to strengthen and expand. He has always seen Marshall Day as a young and dynamic company and believes that now is the perfect opportunity for a change in management.

With a multi-disciplinary team of over 50 staff in offices that span across Australia, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Marshall Day is well placed to enter into its next phase. As it further expands into the Asian market, continues to invest in technology and diversifies its range of acoustic solutions, Marshall Day is proud to take its place as one of the top 10 acoustic consultancies in the world. Strongly independent, Marshall Day is also one of the largest independent acoustic and vibration consulting firms in the Southern Hemisphere.

 “As I hand over the reins of Marshall Day, I am excited about the future of the company and the direction that Amanda and Christophe will be taking,” Peter commented. “Both are exceptional leaders who are passionate about their industry and have strong views on the culture of the organisation. They have earned the respect and support of our entire team, their clients and industry colleagues around the world. The global relationships they have forged speak volumes about where Marshall Day is heading,” he said.

As co-CEOs, Amanda and Christophe are passionate about delivering the best solutions for clients and never compromising on acoustic design. They believe that good design for spaces goes beyond just ticking the boxes. Their individual management styles, areas of specialisation and interests in the field of acoustics complement each other and form the foundation for a more flexible and less institutional workplace. They share a dedication to working proactively to solve problems, collaborating with architects, construction companies, business owners and other clients to optimise acoustics and sound monitoring outcomes.

Amanda Robinson joined Marshall Day in 2005 after almost a decade of extensive building acoustics experience with multidisciplinary practices in Australia and the UK. With a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Adelaide, Amanda is committed to raising the social conscience of acoustics in building design, and particularly the education sector, where the importance of achieving positive acoustic outcomes is critical to future generations. Her involvement in collaborative research with RMIT University is investigating new ways to mobilise augmented reality audiology technology to optimise acoustic experiences.

“I’d like to think I could be seen as a role model for young women in the office. As the first female on the Marshall Day Board, I’ve seen the company go from 5% female representation to over 40% during my tenure – a reflection of the inclusive culture and forward-thinking outlook of Marshall Day.”

 “Peter has left big shoes to fill and I am honoured and humbled to be taking up the mantle,” said Amanda. “Ultimately, I see Marshall Day’s role in the acoustics industry as far more than consultants. We have a duty of care to educate the community about sound, act as thought leaders and help people.”

Christophe Delaire graduated with a Master’s degree in Engineering from Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Poitiers (France) in 2002 and joined Marshall Day Acoustics that same year. Over the past 15 years, Christophe has garnered an international reputation for excellence in the field of environmental acoustics. In particular his expertise in wind farms has made him a leading expert in the renewable energy sector. He has been called upon to present evidence at numerous legal hearings and has delivered insightful papers at international wind turbine noise conferences. He was also instrumental in the formation of an exclusive partnership with noise monitoring solution specialists, 01dB, and provides ongoing technical support for 01dB smart noise monitoring equipment in Australia.

“Peter has entrusted us with his legacy and created a company that is recognised as a beacon in the industry,” said Christophe. “We are looking forward to leading Marshall Day and ensuring the ongoing success and growth of the company.”

“Our people and our use of the latest technology are our strongest assets. We are building close working relationships around the world to provide greater opportunities for our team members, and expanding our pool of expertise and experience to benefit our clients,” he added.

Peter will continue to support Amanda and Christophe throughout the transition and he remains committed to working with Marshall Day in a consultative role, particularly for the China market, and in a mentoring capacity for the team.


Photographer: Stavros Sakellaris

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